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This is a community dedicated to the site Chatphiles. It is a place for fans of the X-Files to come chat and meet other people, many of whom are not necessarily even fans of the show. It's styled as a message board and while slower than conventional chat applications, many people have a soft spot for one of the most unique chat sites on the internet.

This community was created to bring together people who love Chatphiles, as well as to find new members to chat with. Chatting is simple. Simply choose a name, your password will be mailed to you, sign in and start chatting! Just scroll to the bottom where there is a box to enter your message, hit "save message" and it will appear on the board. To check if any new messages have appeared since you last posted, hit the "read messages" button. A screenshot is available here.

The following summary of features has been slightly altered from the website version to reflect changes to the site over the years.

RankDays Since Sign-Up# of Msg Writes Req'd
Field Agent301,000
Special Agent603,500
Supervisory Special Agent9010,000
Assistant Director12020,000
Deputy Director18050,000
Director10 years$10,000.00 in US funds (j/k)

You need to have BOTH days and writes requirements covered in order to receive a promotion. The system will automatically promote you.

Things you can do:


  • Several Rooms
  • Who's On List


  • More Rooms
  • CHATmail
  • CHATpager
  • Private Messages
  • Handle customization

Field Agent

  • More Rooms
  • More Handles

Special Agent

  • More Rooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Stealth Modes:

    • Dis-Engaged: Everybody can see you and send you pagers/private messages
    • Engaged: Nobody can see you on the who's on list, nor can they send pagers/private messages
    • Engaged – Local Mode: Only those in the same room with you can see you and send private messages

Supervisory Special Agent

  • More Rooms

Assistant Director

  • More Rooms
  • Ability to join full rooms

Deputy Director

  • More Rooms
  • Ability to send cadets private messages