Lovecraft's Seduction (ladylovecraft) wrote in chatphiles,
Lovecraft's Seduction


*thinks for a moment and feeling sentimental* ~~~A dark smoke swirls into the room, blocking everyone's vision. As it slowly leaves, it leaves a figure standing within the doorway. Wearing a dark black cloak flowing down to the ground swirling out behind, having long blond hair staying perfectly still and piercing red eyes the figure smiles revealing pointy teeth. When light starts to return, droplets of blood are visible on the chin~~~ Good Evening all. *okay sentiment over* Well, I am using the name I mainly used in chatphiles. I used this along with variations of the name. Plus a few other names too, but not ever near my favorite.

Anyway, if anyone has a myspace account, I am trying to start a chatphiles group there too. I can't seem to get it listed on the groups page but if you go to my main page you can get there through my list of is listed on there.
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  • 3 comments (I went and looked up what the URL is)
I'd say by far the most active gatherine of CHATPhilians is the Facebook group -- almost everyone is there :).
Yea I joined up on that too.