NothingToSay (therealnts) wrote in chatphiles,


*POOF*  [Appears in a purple haze of thick buttoney smoke] ...

[Looks around] ... -blink- -blink- ... Boy, this place has certainly changed!  [Smiles]

Sure, I go off-planet for a few minutes and everybody re-arranges everything on me.  [Checks his watch]  Okay, so its been more than merely a few minutes.  -shrug-

I'm still chasing purple 'puter booters!  [Smiles]  Glad to hear MonkeyPee is still roaming around, (in memory anyway).  Who could forget the pagers!

"Hi!" to Dale and WebMom and to all my old friends, (too numerous to list, you know who you are!).  Its not the same old 'net anymore, huh?  [Smiles]

Later folks!  -wave-

[Disappears in a purple haze of thick buttoney smoke]  *POOF*
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Who could forget the pagers!

Both real world, and online pagers have now gone ...


It's definitely still the same internet. Perhaps a bit more high tech, a bit more 2.0, but the same old people lurking around in the shadows :p.
Hey hey NothingToSay! Thanks for stopping by :)
I'm not lurking......I"m laying it wait. There is a difference lol.
I remember how some of us (or was it most of us) used to write intros whenever we entered a room. I always used the intro to the first Highlander movie.
Oh if only those pager messages could talk!!!

Oh and the parties we sometimes had in the rooms :)