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Chatphiles! Good Times!

Oh, where I started to learn the mysteries of HTML!  And what the hell happed to MonkeyPee?  I was supposed to receive him on his world tour...

I remember Holly Golightly!  And...I do remember chatting with various others, but don't remember their monikers, embarassingly enough...

I was mostly (by turns):

Mulders T-Shirt


I seem to remember that I had many more pseudonyms, but those are the ones that stick with me...


Have never yet found a chatspace that was as good as ChatPhiles was.
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Hey you lot! It's chatphillian haskell. :o) I remember most of you, probably all of you if we chatted up a bit.

With the new X-Files movie coming out this summer I had missing pains for all the old XF haunts & of course one of our favourite early chat rooms ChatPhiles. Bummed to see it's still down.. I ran a google to see if anyone else had created a board or something, didn't find one so I decided to create a free message board for all of us to gather & catch up in the meantime. It'll probably take time to word to get around but I hope to see you all over there.

WOW a few names in there that i remember. I went under a few names. l00gwigg was my one I think. there was probably a couple more but i forget them aswell. I'm still waiting for chatphiles 2.0 like it says on the chathiles site but its been 4 years since that was posted so i am doubting it will happen.

I wonder if it would be possible to find some sort of program that would allow you to set a similar site up on new servers........might have to look into that!!
Haskell! I hope you get this and get on Facebook--there is a whole group devoted to ChatPhiles and you should join! You probably don't remember me, but I was "Jojo Princess of Nowhere." When you get on there look it up, and look for my post. :-)

(I remember I used to call you 'sis,' and we had a 'bro' named Lewis...)
I think its been about 10 years...maybe a little less since I was on chatphiles. I was 'raekwon'. i wonder if anyone still checks this message board out...
I have yet to find as good as chat room either its too bad really